Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Psychoeducational Assessment?
* Fair, unbiased evaluation of a student's learning and behavioral needs
* Specific information regarding learning strengths and areas of need
* Support for parents and schools in planning appropriate interventions and remediation strategies
* Support for educators in determining appropriate accommodations and modifications in the school setting
* Assistance in determining eligibility for Individualized Education Program (IEP)
* Assistance in determining eligibility for Section 504 accommodations
* Assistance in determining eligibility for gifted and talented programs
* Assistance in determining eligibility for accommodations on standardized tests (e.g., ISEE, SSAT, and SAT)

How long does the assessment process take?
The duration of the assessment period is dependent upon the age and ability level of the student, the areas that you would like assessed, and the student's availability.  The evaluation is typically scheduled over multiple days to ensure that test results are reliable and accurate.   Students may grow tired after a few hours of one-to-one testing and therefore, test results may not be valid if testing periods are too long.  Generally, two to four sessions are needed.  Occasionally, shorter, more frequent sessions are deemed appropriate, particularly with younger children or children with difficulties sustaining focus.

How much does the assessment cost?
The cost of evaluations varies depending on the individual needs of the student and the number and type of assessment tools administered.  Specific costs will be discussed during a free initial consultation and agreed upon prior to the initiation of services.

Can the assessment be conducted in our home?
Yes! Katie is available to conduct both home-based and school-based assessments, provided that there is a quiet work space, free from distractions.  These options are often more convenient for parents, and children are sometimes more relaxed working with an evaluator in the comfort of their home or school.   Alternatively, Katie has an office in Encino.

Katie Rand, Licensed Educational Psychologist